Description of vehicle API, allowed methods and requests, value types.


Vehicle exchange API gives information about the availability of your vehicle fleet to other platform users who are looking for transport between the given locations. Vehicle offers are also one of the sources of vehicle availability for the smartmatch algorithm. Each vehicle offer is always visible to all platform users once it was created.

Using this API it is also possible to get all own vehicle offers.

Creating new vehicle offer

With the use of API it is possible to create new own vehicle offer, displayed in Platform in Vehicle exchange module.

Components of a single vehicle offer

Each vehicle offer consists of:

  • loading place
  • unloading place
  • cargo (load)
  • vehicle parameters

Validation rules

Most important validation rules considering freight publication

  • all dates must be greater or equal today
  • vehicle body type must be set according to dictionary
  • loading place and unloading place