List of allowed values for currently available API entities.

List of allowed vehicle types:

Name Freight API Vehicles API
cooler cooler 1_cooler
isotherm isotherm 2_isotherm
food tanker food-tanker 3_food_tanker
standard tent standard-tent 4_standard_tent
curtainsider curtainsider 9_curtainsider
tow truck tow-truck 14_tow_truck
other other 15_other
box box 19_box
open box open-box 42_open_box
meat hanging meathanging 43_meathanging
other tanker other-tanker 47_other_tanker

List of allowed load types:

Please use the values below for load specification

  • palette
  • europalette
  • big-bag
  • log
  • bag
  • barrel
  • carton
  • piece
  • cubic
  • box
  • other
  • roll


In all intereces related to freight for country name there are ISO Codes being used.

For vehicles API please refer to the table below:

Afghanistan 1_afghanistan
Albania 2_albania
Algeria 3_algeria
Andorra 4_andorra
Armenia 5_armenia
Austria 6_austria
Azerbaijan 7_azerbaijan
Belarus 8_belarus
Belgium 9_belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10_bosnia_and_herzegovina
Bulgaria 11_bulgaria
Croatia 12_croatia
Cyprus 13_cyprus
Czech Republic 14_czech_republic
Denmark 15_denmark
Egypt 16_egypt
Estonia 17_estonia
Finland 18_finland
France 19_france
Georgia 20_georgia
Germany 21_germany
Great Britain 22_great_britain
Greece 23_greece
Hungary 24_hungary
Iceland 25_iceland
Iran 26_iran
Iraq 27_iraq
Ireland 28_ireland
Israel 29_israel
Italy 30_italy
Kazakhstan 31_kazakhstan
Kosovo 32_kosovo
Kyrgyzstan 33_kyrgyzstan
Latvia 34_latvia
Liechtenstein 35_liechtenstein
Lithuania 36_lithuania
Luxembourg 37_luxembourg
Macedonia 38_macedonia
Malta 39_malta
Morocco 40_marocco
Moldova 41_moldavia
Monaco 42_monaco
Montenegro 43_montenegro
Netherlands 44_netherlands
Norway 45_norway
Pakistan 46_pakistan
Poland 47_poland
Portugal 48_portugal
Romania 49_romania
Russia 50_russia
San Marino 51_san_marino
Serbia 52_serbia
Slovakia 53_slovakia
Slovenia 54_slovenia
Spain 55_spain
Sweden 56_sweden
Switzerland 57_switzerland
Tajikistan 58_tajikistan
Tunisia 59_tunisia
Turkey 60_turkey
Turkmenistan 61_turkmenistan
Ukraine 62_ukraine
Uzbekistan 63_uzbekistan