Add new vehicle

Allows to cre­ate new vehi­cle for fleet mod­ule in Plat­form.

Url parameters and connection settings

  • HTTP Method: POST
  • URL:
  • End­point: /ex­t/fleet-api/v1/ve­hi­cles


  • Accept: application/json
  • Con­tent-type: application/json
  • Autho­riza­tion:
  • Bear­er {access_token}Api-key: {Unique api key}


Autho­riza­tion process is described here.

Json example

Sam­ple Json for cre­at­ing new vehi­cle using required data only.

  "country": "pl",
  "kind": "bus/van",
  "registration_plate_number": "Pl0101018"


  "country": "pl",
  "id": 53510,
  "kind": "bus/van",
  "manufacturer": null,
  "model": null,
  "name": null,
  "registration_plate_number": "PL0101018",
  "specifications": {
    "cargo_space_capacity": null,
    "combustion_norm": null,
    "pallets": {
      "amount": null,
      "type": null
  "status": "ACTIVE",
  "subtype": null,
  "type": null,
  "vehicle_id": "207fcf0e-3afc-4d6f-b4d2-bbe772e82199",
  "vin": null