Description of receiving new freight proposals with price negotiation and acceptance.


  • carrier uses to receive new cooperation proposals
  • carrier actively uses Platform for freight management
  • both freight forwarder and carriers have existing and valid account
  • carrier downloads all freight cooperation proposals from to external TMS
  • negotiation process is moved to external TMS
  • freight acceptance is moved to external TMS
  • for accepted freight there is a transport order received


Authorize access

Before it is possible to send any request, user needs to authorize access.

  • client app was registered using registration form
  • external app was granted api keys (client_id and client_secret)
  • authorization process has been implemented in external app

Receive new freights

Each freight will consist of:

  • array of carriers’ ids
  • loading location and time
  • unloading location and time
  • required truck body type
  • summary of freight’s loads weight
  • ftl/ltl parameter

Example payload can be found here.

Negotiate freight conditions

If freight pricing conditions did not meet carriers expectation, they  might be allowed to negotiate the price.

Each price negotiation offer consists of:

  • price value
  • price currency
  • identification of offer creator
  • version of offer
  • date and time of offer creation

Freight negotiation details can be found here.

Receive transport order

Accepted freight creates transport order, which consists of:

  • freight details (freight id, locations, loads, requirements, etc)
  • carrier details (address and VAT number)
  • freight forwarder details (address and VAT number)
  • driver details
  • vehicle details

For more details about transport orders please click here.