Description of transport orders elements with the usage and conditions.

Transport orders allow to send cooperation details to previously selected carrier, which is specified with TransId.

Creating new order

With the use of API it is possible to create new own transport order, displayed in Platform in Orders Sent module. After the order is created, it is also possible to update it’s content if it was not yet sent to carrier for acceptance.

Components of a single transport order

Each order consists of:

  • valid carrier id
  • summary and requirements
  • list of loads
  • spots, which are divided into:
    • addresses
    • operations

Validation rules

Most important validation rules considering creating new transport order:

  • all dates must be greater or equal today
  • first operation date has to be lower than last operation date
  • first operation always has to be loading
  • last operation always has to be unloading
  • each spot has own sequence of operations performed, therefore in each spot first operation always has operation_order set to 1
  • address must consists country, postal code and locality
  • payment value must be greater than 0
  • for list of required fields please refer to the summary table below


Visualization of transport order management process

Summary and requirements

Description and accepted values for main node of transport order.

Name Type Example Description
id string e5447fa5-b527-4e3e-b30e-414f139d745a Transport order unique identifier
legacy freight id string 123-456-789 Legacy id
number string TO/2020/01/123 Given transport order
status Object Transport order status
status.Comment string Example status comment Additional transport order information
status.Value string proposal-waiting Status
archived_at string 2020-04-22T12:12:04.757Z Date and time of freight creation
created_at string 2020-04-22T12:12:04.757Z Date and time of last update
driver Object Driver assigned to transport order
vehicle Object Vehicle assigned to transport order
invoice string IN/2020/11 Invoice number
freight Object Contains all information about route, loads and operations



Name Type Example Description
id string 12345-abcde-67890-fghij Identifier of freight
carrier Object Information about carrier assigned to transport order
first_loading_place Object Basic information about the first spot on route
last_unloading_place Object Basic information about the first spot on route
reference_number string 2020-04-23T13:00:00.000Z Freight reference number
shipper Object Information about shipper who created transport order
spots Object Detailed information about each spot on transport order’s route

Freight – Carrier

Name Type Example Description
assignee Object Information about carrier’s employee assigned to transport order
assignee.account_id int 123 Assigned employee’s account number
assignee.family_name string Doe Assigned employee’s family name
assignee.given_name string John Assigned employee’s given name
assignee.trans_id string 190-10 Assigned employee’s TransId
legal_name Object Carrier’s full legal name
vat_id Object Carrier’s VAT identification number

Freight – First loading place and last unloading place

First and last spot and route, created from spots

Name Type Example Description
country string de Country of spot location
locality string City City
postal_code string 52200 Postal code
date string 2020-04-23T13:00:00.000Z Date of operation
timespans Object Time period for operation
timespans.begin string 2020-04-23T13:00:00.000Z Beginning of operation
timespans.end string 2020-04-23T13:00:00.000Z End of operation

Freight – Spots

Information about route points

Name Type Example Description
id string 12345-abcde-67890-fghij
description string Example description Additional spot description
name string Example name Spot name
operations Object Details of loading and unloading operations int 12 Operation identifier
operations.loads Object Collection of loads assigned to freight
operations.operation_order int 1 Order of load operations in spot
operations.timespans Object Time period for operation Object Address and location for operation spot Object Address details string Example description Additional spot description string fr Spot’s location country using ISO codes string City City string 2200 Postal code string Street Street string 123 Number Object Location details float 56.123 Latitude float 11.235 Longitude string 123 Additional spot id string 123 External spot id string 123 Spot id
operations.spot_order string 1 Defines the order of completing the points on the route



Weight is always represented in tonnes.
Height, length and width are always represented in meters.