The scope and possibilities of API

Scope Platform API allows to:

  • create new freight object using different data sets
  • publish created freight using different publication methods
  • cancel freight publication
  • update existing freight
  • archive selected freight
  • get information about current freight status
  • get list of freight proposals
  • negotiate price conditions
  • get full details of an accepted freight, including selected carrier and accepted price
  • create new monitoring tasks
  • update existing monitoring tasks
  • accept and assign vehicle, driver to monitoring task
  • receive position updates for created monitoring task
  • create new vehicle exchange offer
  • delete vehicle offer
  • create new transport order
  • get list of created and received transport orders
  • add attachment to an order
  • get information about your own and your company account from database
  • verify if other company is on your contractors list
  • add new contractor
  • block and activate cooperation with the contractor
  • get list of vehicles from fleet module
  • add new vehicles to fleet in
  • delete existing vehicle from fleet

Access to API

Access to API is possible after filling out the registration form or sending request to The freight management and monitoring tasks capabilities do not involve sending additional scope during user authorization process.


Access to functionalities related to freight management is only possible after accepting the micropayment terms and conditions at