About API

The scope and pos­si­bil­i­ties of Trans.eu API


Trans.eu Plat­form API allows to:

  • cre­ate new freight object using dif­fer­ent data sets
  • pub­lish cre­at­ed freight using dif­fer­ent pub­li­ca­tion meth­ods
  • can­cel freight pub­li­ca­tion
  • update exist­ing freight
  • archive select­ed freight
  • get infor­ma­tion about cur­rent freight sta­tus
  • get list of freight pro­pos­als
  • nego­ti­ate price con­di­tions
  • get full details of an accept­ed freight, includ­ing select­ed car­ri­er and accept­ed price
  • cre­ate new mon­i­tor­ing tasks
  • update exist­ing mon­i­tor­ing tasks
  • accept and assign vehi­cle, dri­ver to mon­i­tor­ing task
  • receive posi­tion updates for cre­at­ed mon­i­tor­ing task
  • cre­ate new vehi­cle exchange offer
  • delete vehi­cle offer
  • cre­ate new trans­port order
  • get list of cre­at­ed and received trans­port orders
  • add attach­ment to an order
  • get infor­ma­tion about your own and your com­pa­ny account from Trans.eu data­base
  • ver­i­fy if oth­er com­pa­ny is on your con­trac­tors list
  • add new con­trac­tor
  • block and acti­vate coop­er­a­tion with the con­trac­tor
  • get list of vehi­cles from fleet mod­ule
  • add new vehi­cles to fleet in Trans.eu
  • delete exist­ing vehi­cle from fleet

Access to API

For the autho­riza­tion process it is required for users to pro­vide cre­den­tials by them­selves. It is also very impor­tant to give the pos­si­bil­i­ty to autho­rize each indi­vid­ual user sep­a­rate­ly.


Access to func­tion­al­i­ties relat­ed to freight man­age­ment is only pos­si­ble after accept­ing the micro­pay­ment terms and con­di­tions at Trans.eu.