List of received price offers for specific freight publication. Withdrawed offers or offers which expiration date has passed will disappear from the list.

Url parameters and connection settings

  • URL:
  • Endpoint: /ext/freights-api/v1/freights/{freight-id}/offers
  • Method: GET


  • Content-type: application/json
  • Accept: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
  • Api-key: {unique_app_api-key}

Authorization and access

Authorization process is described here. Each API request must also consist of unique Api-key obtained during application registration together with client_id and client_secret.


After successful freight publication to a group of carriers, there will be a list of pricing offers received.

Offer statuses:

  • waiting_for_accept,
  • in_negotiation,
  • accepted,
  • rejected,
  • finished

Status codes:

  • 200 OK – list of received offers
  • 200 OK with empty table – no offers received or freight expired
  • 404 OK – freight publication doesn’t exist or no freight access allowed


Each list of offers contains of:

Field Type Example Description
Timestamp 2021-03-04T12:00:00+02:00 Time when carrier offer expires
company_id Int 123 Identifies the company that submitted the price offer
created_at String 2021-03-04T08:24:36+02:00 Date and time of creating the offer (UTC)
freight_id Int 641839 Id of freight for which the offers are submitted
id Int 1735632 Id of offer (important for negotiation process)
offer_expiration_date Timestamp 2021-03-04T12:00:00+02:00 The time when the exchange offer expires (the validity time is set automatically to 15 minutes)
price Object Pricing conditions
price.currency String Eur Currency of received offer
price.value Int 2000 Price value
requirements String My additional requirements Additional requirements/arrangements send by carrier
status String Waiting_for_accept Current status of offer
trans_id String 123-1 Identifies employee of the company who submitted the price offer
vat_id String PL111111 Legal (tax) company identifier
version String 3 Version required for replying to the offer (important for negotiation process)

Json examples:

Without any price or acceptance response from carriers:


With two price offerings from two different carriers:


        "carrier_offer_expiration_date": null,
        "company_id": 123,
        "created_at": "2021-03-04T13:39:09+02:00",
        "freight_id": 641839,
        "id": 1735632,
        "legal_name": "Example Company Name #1",
        "price": {
            "currency": "eur",
            "value": 2000
        "status": "waiting_for_accept",
        "trans_id": "123-1",
        "vat_id": "PL1111111",
        "version": 3
    {   "carrier_offer_expiration_date": null,
        "company_id": 102,
        "created_at": "2021-03-04T13:29:19+02:00",
        "freight_id": 1234567,
        "id": 996925,
        "legal_name": "Example Company Different Name",
        "price": {
            "currency": "eur",
            "value": 2200
        "requirements": null,
        "status": "waiting_for_accept",
        "trans_id": "102-1",
        "vat_id": "PL222222",
        "version": 3