They’re here!

What do you need to bring the Eco-Heroes to life? Great idea, people full of commitment and a belief that together we can make a difference. And what do you need to have as many as 3,000 of them? Just 1,200 m2 of tarpaulins weighing 5 tonnes and over 4 kilometres of seat belts.

With your help we gave new life to more than 58 old and used tarpaulins, which we have sent on a brand new mission. Our hero, whom we call Tilttoter, is extremely durable, never gets soaked, and its armour is so strong that we had to use a laser to burn the limited edition numbers 0001-3000 in it.

Without a doubt, every Tilttoter is unique, different from its other companions and all ready to bring help.

At this point we also need to mention the other heroes, those who have the TCC mark. Without them, our mission would not succeed. Thanks to you the Eco-Heroes will feel needed for many long years. In order to appreciate your support, each of our Eco-Heroes has a laser-engraved Trans-ID number of the company that donated the tarpaulin on it.

Where are our Eco-Heroes now? Currently they help us promote carriers at the IAA trade fair, the largest European event dedicated to commercial vehicles. Soon, however, they will return to us. If you want to get one of the Eco-Heroes, visit us at the trade fair in Hanover or follow us on Facebook.

Watch the video and see how the Eco-Heroes were created.

We would like to thank the companies with TCC Certificate that supported us to the greatest extent:

ID 135221
ID 6224
ID 322314
ID 9421
ID 215379
ID 11031
ID 79276
ID 2216
ID 164493
ID 6669
ID 22031
ID 3379

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