#safeTRANSactionsSafe and secure transactions
on the Trans.eu Platform

How we care about security of your company

Tips for users

How you can take care of security of your company

  • Conclude transactions on the Platform

    Only then you can pursue your rights in case of payment problems or fraudulent behavior.
  • Verify that your contractor is still running business

    You can do this in the company register and government databases
  • Check out ratings and opinions from other users

    Pay attention to TransRisk - a debt-sensitive indicator.
  • Read the content of a transport order

    Pay attention to clauses such as: prohibition of assignment, the requirement to provide "original" documents, extending payment terms beyond 60 days from the date of delivery of the invoice, as well as what contractual penalties you may face.
  • Verify that the ordering party you are talking to is a real company

    Check the scan of the forwarding license and the shipper's liability insurance policy if they are uploaded on the Platform. If not - ask for them.
  • Delete accounts of former employees

    This will ensure security of your data.

What can you verify on the Trans.eu Platform?

Based on the User's activity on the Platform or the information and documents added by them, you will see the following:

Co można zweryfikować na Platformie Trans.eu?
  • Ratings the company received from other Trans.eu users
  • TransRisk payment reliability indicator
  • Validity and scope of insurance
  • Required permits
  • Granted certificates
  • State and size of the fleet in case of a carrier
  • Date of establishment and basic registration data of the company

Report violation

Do you have doubts about a contractor or are you a witness of the Trans.eu regulations being violated? Use the form below.

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