The vehicle exchange

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Search for offers on the vehicle exchange

Here you will always find interesting offers from the carriers.

  • quick transport offer search
  • information on the counterparty
  • detailed offer description
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Submitting your own offers

You report a free vehicle and select the most advantageous offer from the one you have received from shippers.

  • simple application form
  • defining detailed vehicle parameters
  • quick reporting of subsequent vehicles using offer templates
  • the function of importing offers to the Platform directly from a spreadsheet
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Filter and monitor offers

You are using custom filters and the intelligent offer sorting system to receive information exclusively about the offers which meet your criteria.

  • saving custom offer search filters
  • filtering by, for example, offer type, required chassis, physical load parameters, freight prices or counterparty payer assessment
  • notification on the arrival of new offers that meet your criteria
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Ratings and comments

Thanks to the ratings and comments on shippers, you will learn if the cooperation with them will be beneficial.

  • three-level company assessment scale: positive, neutral, negative
  • comments and referrals from other Platform users
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TCC Certificate

You work with proven transport companies certified under the Certified Carrier programme.

  • reliable carrier assessment
  • detailed verification criteria
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How to use our services?

Test them and decide for yourself!
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