Transport or freight forwarding?

Due to the different nature and content of the contract, there are different rights and obligations of the freight forwarder and the carrier, and thus – different benefits for contracting parties.

What are the benefits of cooperation with the carrier?

Under the contract, the carrier undertakes to carry the goods for remuneration. The essence of the agreement is the transport of goods from point A to point B. At the same time the carrier is entirely liable for the quality and timeliness of the load delivery. It is the carrier that bears the full consequences of damage or loss of the load. Therefore, it is easy to enforce the legal consequences upon a breach of contract by the carrier.

What are the benefits of cooperation with the freight forwarder?

The scope of the agreement with the freight forwarding company is much larger, since the forwarder undertakes not only to transport the goods, but also organise the whole shipment process:

  • Control of the load condition
  • Control of the quality of packaging
  • Control of the load weight
  • Preparation of documents related to the transport order
  • Conclusion of the carriage contract
  • Delivery of the load to the carrier
  • Arranging the customs formalities
  • Transport of the load
  • Storage and warehousing of goods
  • Collection of the goods

Cooperation with the freight forwarder is beneficial, as it offers full brokerage in the carriage of goods – not only in terms of transport, but also legal, administrative and logistic issues.

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