Green logistics through digitalization

Smart Freight Center in the Netherlands affirms that transport is the biggest Europe’s climate problem, due to emissions. Since the industry is in continuous development, the companies need to change their strategy and to find eco-friendly solutions.

Even though the heavy vehicles represent only 5% of all vehicles on the road, they are responsible for 26% of the carbon emissions. But what’s scarier is the fact that 20% of those rides are empty, with no load, and other trucks only partially loaded. This means that the transport companies actually pay for transporting empty space, harming the environment at the same time! So a great solution would be to reduce the empty runs.

There are many benefits that come with this solution:
– lower transportation costs
– more efficient management in the company
– protect the environment
– smart use of the fleet
– opportunity to gain more customers

But how to reduce the empty runs, how to fill the trucks every time, on every route, how to minimize the inefficient kilometers, with partially loaded trucks? Green logistics aims to reduce the environmental burden and to increase the efficiency of the transport process.

The best solution is digitalization. The usage of smart platforms, TMSs, and programs that are made for transport management. A TMS is allowing a company to manage the whole transport process from searching the loads, to receiving an order, transporting the goods and delivery. It’s the best solution for fully loading the truck, in any location.

TMS – The road to success

All manual activities are replaced by smart technology that offers support for the whole business in this industry. The solution is ready to be adopted by the big and medium companies. A TMS integrates all the tools needed in a transport company: ordering, monitoring, communication, invoicing, reports, and so on. The big data allows the users to manage very easily the load offers, the orders, routes, therefore the transportation costs can be reduced together with the empty runs.


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