3 biggest challenges in road transport logistics for shippers

Nowadays shippers face different obstacles, changes, and adaptation to a rapidly changing market. Still, it’s true that the market is governed by supply and demand law, but problems such as the shortage of trucks, the rise in transport prices and the so are constantly occurring. And they are a problem for shippers. In this article, we have selected three of the biggest issues that shippers face.

Lack of drivers

Lack of drivers, aging and inability to enter the profession. These facts mean that less and fewer people are engaged in this profession. Neither autonomous vehicles will rescue the situation. Of course, the third level autonomy of the driver, the rest rules can change, the driver becomes the pilot. But the driver is needed.

It is difficult to convince young people to pursue this profession. Who would recommend his son/daughter to do this? Indeed, according to forecasts, the 2024 volume difference is estimated to be up to 300,000 compared to available truck drivers.

Higher transport costs

This problem is closely related to the previous point – lack of drivers. Lack of trucks means a continuous rise in prices.

Good news for someone. Maybe all you need is to get your charter cars and have cars all the time. Although it is necessary to find for them, for example, cargo on the way back. However, if shipper prices rise, the risk of customer loss increases. When there is chaos or radical change on the market, it is a threat to someone and a chance for someone else. Companies that have sufficient capital, better technology, and so on will be able to have lower prices.

Cargo tracking

Cargo delays, unclear order status, or stolen goods. These issues are relatively common in this industry. Freight status information is key to the shipper in order to prevent and prepare for unwanted and unpleasant situations. A secure supply chain requires a rapid flow of information.

The most important thing is about cargo information, especially when many subcontractors are on the road. Imagine having an overview of all the events on your route. Load, unload, stop, or change of directions recorded on the map. The customer will get enough time to solve the situation.

Solution 4.0?

Concepts like logistics 4.0, industry 4.0 are very well known. Yes, it is a new era, a new period, a revolution. Using data, automating processes, the Internet of Things are becoming a common part of our lives in today’s world.

With this revolution, a platform is also coming to market that brings together all TMS in one tool and connects individual systems for better data exchange.

New technologies replace traditional activities, becoming part of the business models of companies that are open to change. Innovative TMS integrates all existing transportation, order and monitoring systems. In one tool, the full exchange of data from all participants in the transport process is possible. These are the solutions that bring a new dimension to logistics.

Higher productivity, efficiency gains, and process optimization – these are the main goals of Trans for Shippers.

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