Includes a new integrated freight exchange

The new dimension of road transport logistics

This is the end of the era of: e-mails, excel and text messages in transport. We implement logistics 4.0. Trans for Shippers means automation and digitization of processes.


3 main benefits for shippers

  • Load monitoring, order management, security

    True 4.0-class TMS means: freight status, delays notifications, load location, ordering automation, telematics integration and a mobile app for drivers.

  • Automatic carrier or forwarder selection for the freight

    The TfS allows its users to create rules for the automation of road transport processes, and set the order of load access for freight forwarders and regular carriers.

  • Lowering the transport costs when freight rates raises

    Time for a wide access to carriers near loading area and a real cost optimisation. We implement a new way of organizing the transport process.

+ 3 EXTRA additions

  • A real solution for lack of vehicles in a peak season

    Automatic search for carriers and free vehicles – up to the effect. It’s the only such tool on the market. TfS connects shippers with a community of 25 000 carriers on the Platform.

  • Freight rates suggestions

    It’s a unique service. It’s worth to know rates in the season on a selected route and a specific body type. Without this information, shippers searching for carriers could overpay or offer too low rates.

  • Quick and easy transport order settlement

    The unique possibility of fast, semi-automatic order settlement, taking into account: additional fees, contractual penalties, monitoring data and CMR. Appropriate reporting is another facilitation.

Trans for Shippers – key functions

TfS is used to match and find a carrier for a given freight with all process automation. It is also a tool for managing transport orders, including monitoring, status and settlements.

TfS – functions How does it work?
New transport exchange Access to one of the largest transport community in Europe. It is a new tool integrated with the logistics platform.
Automation of cooperation Simple ordering, freights creation and sending loads to groups of carriers or regular contractors on defined routes.
Quick quiries to carriers Automatic (or manual) offer publication to a specific group of carriers from the list or to shipper’s regular contractors.
Freight auctions Publication of a freight offer with the option of price negotiation by carriers or with a fixed price.
Automation rules Thanks to the appropriate configuration, the freight offer first goes to carriers that meet specific criteria.
Access to a convenient communicator One tool for conversations with carriers and freight forwarders: segregates conversations by context and archives arrangements..
Maps and quick freight calculation The map shows the freight route, the number of kilometres, the estimated time and calculator to easily calculate the rate per km along the entire route.
Confirmation of accepting freight by carriers Real-time notifications of freight changes – in the program and by e-mail.
Full order management Possibility of tracking the subsequent stages of order execution, payment control and generating of PDF documents. Fleet management: adding vehicles, integration with telematics, creating vehicle sets and control of car availability.
Order monitoring Real-time order tracking: from the moment the order is registered to the confirmation of execution. The tool determines the scope of elements that can be monitored.
Order status Acceleration of the status of each order thanks to an electronic document.
Reports Access to information about freight offers and data about their publication.


Trans for Shippers may also be used as an internal 4.0-class TMS

The tool is used to automate work and send freights offers to groups of regularly cooperating carriers. It allows to manage them efficiently and organize tenders. TfS also means: monitoring, status and settlement of orders.

Experts about Trans for Shippers (TfS)

  • Bartosz Graczyk
    Head of Logistics and Forwarding Department, Steico Sp. z o.o.

    Due to the growing demand for transportation, it is increasingly difficult for us to efficiently deliver goods to our customers. Trans for Shippers is a tool that allows us to easily find means of transport suited to the load. When looking for practical solutions that can be integrated with ERP of your company, you cannot overlook Trans for Shippers.
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  • Krzysztof Pietrzyk
    Senior Export Executive, Zakład Wytwórczy Aparatów Elektrycznych

    Sometimes carriers conduct trans-shipment without the shipper's consent. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not secure the goods the way they should. The ideal situation is the one where we keep track of each action taken by the driver. That is why I like the monitoring feature included in Trans for Shippers so much.
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  • Katarzyna Izdebska
    Logistics Specialist

    A long wait for information from a freight forwarder or a carrier is a real nightmare for a company that bases its transport services on subcontractors. The ability to monitor trucks is a solution tailored to our needs. The monitoring available in Trans for Shippers is useful for any company that delivers goods to customers.
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  • Zbigniew Kleniewski
    Business Development Manager, Olewnik Bis Sp. z o.o.

    Without access to technology, we are unable to fully control the flow of goods. It is often that we find out much too late about a problem that occurred at any stage of the transport. The Trans for Shipper monitoring feature allows for keeping track of the load—which is also appreciated by our customers who require constant access to information about their goods.
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Integration and implementations – how do we operate?

Real automation requires the integration of TfS with a data source on freight, e.g. with ERP or a warehouse system.

TfS integration

    The shipper can carry it out on the basis of shared APIs or with help of our specialists, after analyzing the business process, implementation scope and signing the implementation and service agreement.

About Group S.A. Group S.A. is a technology company established in 2004. We form one of the most important freight exchanges in Europe and a modern logistics platform for road transport.

The platform is a true 4.0-class TMS: it brings together shipping companies, logistics operators, forwarders and carriers.

Today, the company develops 11 foreign companies as well as 8 companies who specialise in the provision of various services for the road transport business. We already have over 500 employees. Platform gathers the largest community of carriers in Europe.

25 000 carriers
build the Platform community
9 000 forwarders
actively use the Platform
6 000 shippers
publish freight offers on the Platform

Our mission is simple. We want the world of the road transport to become increasingly SMART & FAIR: modern, efficient and transparent.

Learn more how with DEKRA care about the safety of Your data on Platform.

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