For shippers

Thousands of verified carriers and lower transport costs


Lower transport costs

80,000 vehicle offers for you

  • you choose to cooperate with verified companies providing competitive rates
  • you can easily check and compare freight prices
  • you provide transport for orders in the high season and emergency situations
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Use the maximum potential of your fleet

Easy access to the offers of return and added loads.

  • you reduce empty runs
  • you optimally use your cargo space
  • you generate additional revenue
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We thoroughly verify transport companies to ensure safety of your supply chain

Use a unique source of information on transport companies

Find all the information needed to make decisions about cooperation in one place.

  • you get access to documents of the company and the history of its activities in the system
  • you rate the company based on the most current opinions of the customers
  • you verify information on the insurance scopes and validity
  • you check the quality of the fleet on the exchange
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Social verification of carriers' quality of work

Thousands of company ratings from the users of the System

  • the most up-to-date source of knowledge on the reliability of companies
  • ratings issues upon the order execution
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Easily select the best carriers

We promote certified companies in our system

  • you entrust your goods to the safest companies
  • high standards of services guaranteed
  • you cooperate with a company having appropriate insurance package
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The TCC certificate is a confirmation of the highest quality of transport services


Tools facilitating cooperation with the carrier


It significantly accelerates communication with counterparties

  • instant conditions determination
  • conversations and transactions archives
  • negotiations with several partners at the same time


Automated work with transport orders

  • create orders with one click, based on the exchange offers
  • quick confirmation of the order acceptance
  • generate individual order templates
  • all orders and their status available in one window

How to use our services?

Test them and decide for yourself!
Access to the System is available through subscription.

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