Guarantee of the highest quality and carrier's liability insurance


The Audited Insurance mark ensures that the carrier's liability insurance policy has been verified

  • it is valid and paid
  • protects against key risks (theft, subcontractors, unguarded car parks)
  • has a guaranteed insurance sum value
  • its clauses are translated into 16 languages and understandable for foreign companies
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Benefits for shippers

  • you can save the time needed for insurance verification
  • you cooperate with a carrier that has paid up the policy
  • your goods have an additional protection

Benefits for the carrier

  • you stand out among your competition in the Trans.eu System
  • you gain greater trust among the Customers
  • you have a chance to get more orders
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Audited Insurance in the Trans.eu System:

The audited policy is marked in the list of documents

All policy clauses are listed in the policy details.

Information on audit appears on the exchange in the company offer.

The Audited Insurance mark is visible in the company profile

Do you want to have your policy audited or buy an insurance meeting the requirements of Audited Insurance?

We provide exceptional insurance for carriers

  • favourable contract terms
  • a properly selected set of clauses
  • verified contract template
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