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You have never seen it before! New multifunctional maps!

  • 24.02.2017

Breakthrough in the transport sector – the first multifunctional map in the market, which includes everything you need (and even more) to work in the freight forwarding sector. Try it yourself, you will be amased!

Features of the map:

  • With only one click you will turn on all of the post codes on the map of Europe and you will be able to monitor offers of the available transport in your selected region
  • After setting the route, you will be able to collect all cargo on your way to the unloading point.
  • You can also collect partial loads after you set the filter.
  • After integrating your GPS system provider with, you will be able to see your fleet on the map and all available loads to your final destination.
  • You’ll see the distance from your vehicle to the available load according to your specific search criteria.
  • If you do not want to receive calls from your client asking where is my load all the time, you can share your truck position with him for certain amount of time.
  • You can also search for carriers who are traveling towards you and offer them to pick up your load
  • Besides, the map shows all the parking spaces for trucks, where your driver can safely stop for break

How those functions look on the map:


You can use this new, innovative map in your browser >>>
In case of questions, please contact the System customer care department by calling (+370 5) 219 55 34 and we will help you!


Author: Sandra Bisikirska

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