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Top 10 – the most active companies in the System in 2016

  • 13.02.2017


They place lots of transport and freight offers and make a lot of transactions, have many positive ratings and comments and are reliable payers. These are the characteristics of the most active companies using the System.

Every year, on each country we prepare TOP 10 ranking for the best transport and logistic companies in the System.

In order to create a reliable ranking it is made according to the index of companies activity in System. Each company gains points for certain criteria. Companies with the biggest score are in TOP10 of the most active users.

Points are earned according to the  following criteria:

  • Timely payments. Reputation of a good payer confirmed by the lack or only a small number of reports in the “Report a debtor” system.
  • Rating. Company gets one point for each feedback. However, for each neutral and especially negative feedback points are reduced. For each neutral rating -core is reduced by 2 points, and for each negative – even 4 points are being taken away
  • The ratio of placed offers and concluded transactions. Company gains points not only for the number of placed offers on the freight and transport exchange, but it is also calculated the ratio of placed offers and how many of them were completed as transaction.
  • Reliability. Even 50 extra points are given for each international certificate. TCC and TCF certificates are given to reliable companies that have proven the quality of their services and comply to a number of strict requirements.

This is our TOP rating of the best transport and logistic sector companies in 2016 in Estonia:

best transport companies in estonia

Author: Sandra Bisikirska

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