For the freight forwarder

New customers, verified carriers and fast order management


Get new orders

In the system, you can find:

  • the database of 18,000 verified carriers
  • load and added load offers from Western Europe
  • tools for quick handling of orders and transactions
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Work quickly and safely

  • you have access to required information on the carriers in one place
  • you quickly check the current counterparty ratings received upon concluded transactions
  • you easily establish cooperation with already verified companies
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Maximise your profits

Thanks to the access to a database of thousands of companies and current offers, you have an ability to compare prices and choose the best offers. You get new orders and find alternative carriers.

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Work with reliable counterparties

We thoroughly verify the carriers

  • we verify the documents, licences, and affiliations of the companies
  • we verify the financial situation of the payers (the TransRisk index)
  • we audit the quality of insurances and certify the best carriers
  • we make the history of the companies activities in the System available to you
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Certified carriers


The TCC certificate is a confirmation of the highest quality of transport services


We audit carrier's liability insurance policies

You save the time needed to verify the carrier's policy

  • we verify what risks the carrier's liability insurance covers
  • we verify if the policy is valid and paid
  • we standardise the policy appearance and translate it into 16 language
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Analysis of the financial situation of the loaders and freight forwarders

  • cooperate with a company that is already verified
  • examine your counterparty's payment history
  • build your own credibility and gain the trust of the best carriers
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Tools facilitating cooperation with the loader and the carrier


Quick communication with the counterparties

  • immediate determination of conditions for cooperation
  • archiving of conversations and transactions
  • an ability to negotiate with several counterparties at the same time


Effective work with transport orders

  • creating order based on the exchange offer with just one click
  • a quick confirmation of an acceptance of an order by a counterparty
  • an ability to create individual order templates
  • a view of the full list of orders and order statuses in one window
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Pełna kontrola Twoich zleceń dzięki lokalizacji pojazdu.

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We focus on speed and efficiency of work

Easy coordination of multiple parallel tasks

  • #

    monitoring of selected offers and directions

  • #

    quick communication via instant messenger

  • #

    useful templates, notifications, filters

  • #

    digitalisation of document flow

  • #

    quick and convenient order handling

  • #

    integration with your software via API

How to use our services?

Test them and decide for yourself!
Access to the System is available through subscription.

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