The TransParking app will show you free parking lots for trucks even faster!


There’s a completely new functionality waiting in the latest version of TransParking app. It makes searching for free parking lots for trucks a lot easier. It’s called the floating bubble.

The bubble in TransParking app works in very easy way. You just have to enable it in the app’ settings. Then it will always appear on the main screen of your device when you minimize the app. Floating bubble delivers information such as distance to the nearest parking lot, its location and if it’s busy.


After clicking on the icon, you can check out more details and go to the application. From the alerts, you can also submit the busy parking lot. The bubble can freely move around the screen and remove in the same way as notifications from Facebook Messenger works.


The new feature in the TransParking app should help make it easier to use the app while driving the truck. Now it’s not necessary to launch the app to find the nearest parking lot. This information will be easily accessible always at hand.

Free TransParking app for Android is available in the Google Play Store:


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