Transport of Black Hawk and shipment to Mount Everest. Sawa Logistics explains the importance of speed of delivery.

Courage, openness to changes and unique approach towards the market. According to Artur Sadowski, the co-founder and Financial Director of Sawa Logistics, these factors bring success in the transport sector.


What do you mean by courage to run a business?

We started in 2009 as a small, family company. Initially, we provided only forwarding services. At the moment we have a fleet of over 20 vehicles and we are the only representative of a Scandinavian Jetpak brand, offering express delivery on our market. We can say that it is an effect of courage and openness to changes. Freights we took were often very demanding and rejected by our competitors as they required better preparation and an adequate  approach. For instance, we transported humanitarian aid to a refugee camp in Iraq and a village in Tanzania near Kilimanjaro. Or spare parts of Black Hawk helicopters for the Anaconda maneuvers. In this way we have built a forwarding brand that… is not afraid of challenges and can do anything.

Such complicated transport must require close cooperation with the carrier and a lot of trust. How did you manage to develop such relations?

In our industry trust is very important, especially in the case of “untypical” shipments. When sending a load to a demanding and dangerous area, we had to take full responsibility for the selection of a credible subcontractor. It was an impulse for us to build our own fleet and establish permanent cooperation with reliable external carriers.

I understand that to achieve this you make use of the module of sending freight offers to your own groups on the Platform?

We use this option as it saves time and allows us to reach relevant contractors very quickly. Depending on the contracted routes, we have created several groups to which we address our offers. Many of these freights are also sent to the exchange because of lots of activities and high intensity. We always care about quick completion of orders and this module makes it easier for us.

Speed. Why is it so important in your work?

One of the services offered by us is express delivery, with high priority, or even the one called emergency delivery. For example, a company from an automotive industry contacts us, it urgently needs to receive an important component to remedy the failure of its production line. In such cases an immediate action is required. Sometimes we have orders where in the morning we receive a request and in the evening the shipment is delivered to Fjords in Scandinavia. In such situations we make use of a luggage space in air transport.

You are one of these forwarders taking part in a pilot of QuickPay payments in Poland and regularly adding freights using this service.

To meet the expectations of our clients, we observe the current situation on the polish market and let carriers choose the payment due date. They can use the standard method or fast payment made the other day. Everything depends on the situation and current needs. Additionally, by offering this option, we increase our chance of finding a suitable contractor.

Finally: you have delivered a package near Mount Everest?

Yes. This is what Robert Sadowski, my brother and Sawa Logistics co-founder did and at the same time combined it with a charity campaign for one of Warsaw’s hospices. Robert is a marathon runner and extreme sports enthusiast. The run itself is outstanding. You start from the base near Mount Everest, located at 5364 m above sea level, which makes this marathon the highest located in the world.


So now we know where this dynamism and courage at Sawa Logistics come from. We can say that it is a result of the founders’ approach and passion. Would you like to add anything?

Courage in business is always useful. I’m glad that we are able to combine passion with professional work. I hope we will be able to encourage others to act in the same way.

We had the pleasure to talk to Mr. Artur Sadowski, the co-founder and Financial Director of Sawa Logistics.



Sawa Logistics is a Polish company founded in 2009. Initially it mainly provided forwarding services across Europe. Then, to respond to the clients’ needs, it developed its activity and built a fleet of vehicles for express and priority deliveries with a short deadline. In 2016 Sawa Logistics started cooperation and became the sole agent of the Nordic company – Jetpak..

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