TMS 4.0 – How does it work?

Logistics 4.0 calls for a new cooperation model that connects the entire industry: without text messages, e-mails, and spreadsheets. Group SA announces the introduction of a tool for shippers, freight forwarders and shippers. TMS 4.0 will be the answer to the main problems of the industry thanks to the combination of the entire transport community and the possibility of rapid data exchange within the industry. The transport exchange is just one of the solutions that enables a flexible search for cargo or vehicle offers. The digital platform of enables the handling of the entire transport process in a single tool.

Over the last 15 years, the TSL industry has changed dynamically. These changes shape modern traffic management. Access to real-time information, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation. These are all concepts that come with a revolution in TMS.

Why now?

From each side, articles, news, and information are telling us about the rise in shipping prices. Various forecasts predict that this trend will continue. The difference in the volume of transports compared to available truck drivers is constantly increasing. The estimated difference in 2024 is 300,000 drivers. This scenario is bad news for TSL industry and the market as such. has decided to avoid this market situation.

TMS Class 3.0

Almost everyone knows and uses the third generation TMS. You know it. Within the company, you have your own system where you record individual actions, write data, list tables. Every employee sees this information in the company. But if you communicate and negotiate a contract, transport, cargo, you need to use your phone, e-mail, or SMS.

The disadvantage of this generation of TMS is that you do not have complete control and necessary information over traffic, respectively. outside the company. Whether it is the necessary documents, tracking cargo, vehicles and much more. Although you can agree on a job, you are missing up-to-date information that can prepare you for unwanted situations that you can immediately address to avoid problems.

TMS Class 4.0

Fourth grade TMS is the answer to major industry issues. This new generation tool enables digital collaboration with the entire transport community and goes beyond a closed group of colleagues. This means new opportunities for cooperation with a wide range of carriers and partners who provide nearby vehicles. The solution also brings the possibility of exchanging digital documents. The new platform allows you to handle the entire shipping process within one tool without email, SMS and phone calls.

Algorithms and machine learning are now at such a level that within the platform they can not only determine what price is optimized on the route but also predict its development. A useful tool is certainly the process automation, which will do the routine and regular tasks for you and you do not have to waste time.

The 4.0-class TMS, that is the Platform in its new version, is a link between contract and spot markets. The benefits of regular cooperation with carriers are thus combined with the ability to quickly search for partners even in high season. The possibility to automatically match carriers based on algorithms allows to choose, for instance, a transport company which is closest to the loading location, owns appropriate certificates, is fully insured and has the newest fleet.

Nowadays, data is a commodity that is rarer every day. Higher transparency guarantees a more secure transaction and transport as such. Real-time cargo tracking provides delays and order status information. The more information you have about carriers and traffic performance reports, the better you can manage your business.

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