Dutch Combinex with TCF certificate

On the market for almost 10 years, with more than 4000 orders posted per month, great reviews and comments from counterparties in the System – all this but a brief summary of the accomplishments of Combinex, one of the largest freight forwarding companies from the Netherlands. Now this list will have to be expanded also with the Trans Certified Forwarder (TCF), that is the first European certificate for freight forwarders.

Originally from the Netherlands, Combinex is well known to the carriers using the System. The company took a particular interest in eastern markets: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Lithuania; most of its orders (amounting to as many as 4000 per month) are placed with carriers from these countries.

“For us, the Central and Eastern European markets are particularly attractive, among others due to the fact that we have many customers from Germany. Eastern carriers know this market very well and are able to carry out any transport for us” – says Hans de Visser, Manager Operations in Combinex.

Numerous contacts and orders carried out in cooperation with eastern carriers and, above all, the timeliness in regulating financial obligations and impeccable etiquette shown during cooperation have brought recognition to Combinex, manifested in a large number of positive reviews and comments in the System. But that’s not all, because the company managed to keep up the momentum and obtained the TCF Certificate, awarded to the best freight forwarders in Europe.

To get the TCF Certificate, in addition to having positive feedback collected from counterparties and high credibility index in terms of payments made, the Dutch still had to submit, among others, a proof of several years of experience in the market, a complete set of necessary documents, as well as have a large number of transactions made in the System. The fulfilment of these and many other criteria allowed Combinex to be the first Dutch freight forwarding company with the TCF Certificate and to join the group of about 250 the best certified freight forwarders from Europe, including such companies as DHL Express Polska, Kuehne und Nagel, Cemet, CAT LC, Podlasie S.A.

“The TCF Certificate presents our company as a reliable partner in the transport market, both among our subcontractors and in the eyes of counterparties. TCF also provides the ability to stand out in the market, as more and more potential customers are choosing certified companies” – adds Hans de Visser.

Companies such as Combinex, which offer many loads for transport and make payments even within 14 days, are the perfect partners for almost every carrier. “It is also an example for many companies from Western Europe that it is worth to cooperate with eastern carriers, because many of them offer very high quality of services at competitive rates” – says Alicja Taciak from the System, responsible for the TCF project.

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