About new offers, messages and system

If you are not authorized to install applications on your computer, contact your system administrator.
What is Assistant?

Assistant is an application which can be installed on Windows. As a result, the most important
notification from the Platform will also appear on the Windows taskbar.

Even with the browser closed!

Discover useful functionalities of the new Assistant and use them when working on the Platform.

You will never miss any important messages again

You receive notifications from the start of Windows. No need
to launch the browser or log in to the Platform.

Download Assistant

Only the most important information

New messages. Load and vehicle offers on the followed tabs. Notifications
of the main events in the system. They are accompanied by the “legendary, Trans” sound signal.

Download Assistant

Security and privacy of information Assistant has the same security standards as the Platform.
Installation and usage of the application downloaded from that website is 100% safe.

Download Assistant

Quick installation in 3 steps

  1. Download Assistant
  2. Click the downloaded file and run the installation. If you work on the office computer, get assistance from the IT department in your company.
  3. At the first start, log in to the Platform in the browser. In the bottom right-hand corner you will see a notification. The Assistant is ready to work.

Make your work more efficient

Install Google Chrome plugin!

Thanks to this, after clicking the notification, you will be redirected
to the last active card with the Platform. You currently move
to a new card.

Download your personal Assistant today
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