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They provide many transport and freight offers, perform many transactions, have a lot of positive ratings, and are reliable payers – these are the characteristics that best describe the most active Platform companies in Latvia. continues the 9-year-long tradition – elections of the most active Latvian companies on the Platform. Every year, we select companies that have the highest offer-to-deal ratio, stand out for on-time payments, exceptionally good ratings, and some of the companies even have international the TCF or TCC certificates.

To achieve a reliable and fair evaluation, we evaluated companies based on data collected from user activity on the system. Each company receives a certain number of points for the criteria below. Companies with the highest score are included in the TOP 5 of the most active users.

Awards are given according to the following criteria:

Ratio of published offers and concluded deals. The company receives points not only for submitted freight and transport offers but also for offers that ended in deals.

Timely payments. The company has a good reputation as a payer, which is confirmed by the fact that there are no or very few reports about the user in the Report a debtor system.

Ratings. The company receives a point for each positive rating. Points are deducted for neutral and negative ratings. For each neutral rating – 2 points are deducted, and for each negative – 4 points. Only companies with a percentage of at least 93% positive ratings on our platform are evaluated.

TOP 5 most active Latvian companies in 2021 are:

Freight exchange

Congratulations to all the companies that made it to the top five!

Work on the Platform

After handing out congratulations, we didn’t miss the opportunity to ask how our most active companies are doing and get some useful advice. First of all, we asked their opinion about the Platform itself and the work in our freight exchange.

When Emiliano Mercanti, Traffic manager of SIA Logistics4YOU, was asked for his opinion about working on the Platform, his answer was: “ is the ideal platform for our business, we always manage to find the best solutions to solve the requests of our customers.” When asked how he evaluates the work on the Platform compared to other platforms, E. Mercanti replied that the Platform is very good and easy to use. In his opinion, other platforms do not compare and that is the reason why SIA Logistics4YOU is only using the Platform.

Most used and favorite tools

✔️ publication of offers – allows you to publish your offers easily and quickly;

✔️ ratings module – helps you choose the best and most reliable partner, as well as take care of your company’s image and work quality indicator;

✔️ maps – facilitates both the search and shows the route, loading, and unloading points right next to the published offer;

✔️ communicator with a translator – a work tool for conversations, negotiations, confirmation of transactions, and sending files.

Freight exchange

Challenges in the transport industry and the war in Ukraine

For a long time, carriers have been facing many challenges: the mobility package, Brexit, driver shortages, as well as the economic effects and restrictions related to COVID-19. The event that shook the world – the war in Ukraine – and the increase in fuel prices, the decrease in demand, and the isolation of the Eastern markets also contributed to the anxiety. But how exactly did the war affect the users of the Platform?

When one of the users was asked how the situation in Ukraine affected his company, he replied that he was particularly affected by the increased tariffs of carriers: “prices have changed and risen sharply, sometimes even illogically, for 1 pallet they ask for the same amount of money as for a full car. Settlements have also become more difficult, their term has been extended.”


However, when companies were asked how the flow of cargo has changed over the years, not everything turned out to be so negative. Some companies were happy with the increased workload and the changing market, which opened up new opportunities. The following comments were heard during the interviews:

✔️ “The workflow of our company has increased significantly – in the last 2 years it has increased by 200%.

✔️ “We adapted to the situation, maybe it was more difficult only at the very beginning of the war. Markets are changing, but not so critically that we could not adapt.”

✔️ “The situation is almost the same, loads have slightly increased, but there are no significant changes.”

✔️ “We have more cargo, more turnover, more profit, we bought 15 trucks and now we not only sell cargo but also buy it from customers.”

From the conversations, we realized that recent events did not have a huge impact on the most active clients of Although the prices increased significantly, the workflows also increased, companies adapted to the changing market and situation, and companies that worked with BY and RU markets reoriented to Europe.

Secrets of success

Seeing and reading about companies that not only managed to withstand all market changes but also to adapt and make money from it, the question naturally arises – how did they manage it? Since it’s always best to hear such things firsthand, we asked our experienced Platform users “What do you think is the recipe for success in your work on the Platform?


  • Emiliano Mercanti
  • Traffic manager of SIA Logistics4YOU
  • “Finding the serious couriers/transporters who have a trustworthy presence on the Platform and do the job entrusted to them well. Also, being punctual – in modern work it is at the center of everything.”

Upon asking SIA FortiLine representative Janis Žogots to share advice for new companies joining the Platform, his answer was: “It is important to have good communication and take care of ratings. No ratings – no partners.”

Well, when it comes to the recipe for success, it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all option. However, if one had to name the most important influencing factors, it would be:

active work on the platform;

⚫ respect for the partners;

⚫ compliance with the given word and deadlines;

⚫ ratings, which are one of the most important indicators of work quality when choosing partners.

Thank you to our customers for their comments, we wish you successful work and transactions.
For those who want to join the ranks of active users and successful logistics businesses, we invite you to register for free for information and job opportunities by filling out this form.

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