Without e-mails, data sheets, phone calls and text messages

Includes a new integrated freight exchange

Trans for Forwarders is used for automatic and effective management of load transport.

TfF is a tool for communication with contractors, freight management
and digital workflow of documents.


3 main benefits

  • Accept and order transport automatically

    Within one tool you can take freight directly from your client and send orders to carriers. Without emails or data sheets - save time and work more efficiently!

  • Work with regular carriers and link freight to the carrier

    In TfF you can create groups of carriers, set an order of accessing freight (e.g. for regular business partners or your own groups) as well as quickly accept freight for execution.

  • Compare rates

    On our Platform you can compare your current rate for transport with an actual price on a given route. A special algorithm will calculate it for you based on current market prices. You will never overpay for the service again!

What else you can get from TfF?

  • Integration with your TMS

    Thanks to the integration of your TMS system with our platform, all loads can be managed within one tool.

  • Control loads

    Owing to the load monitoring function, you know where your client’s load is currently located and you can share a telematics signal with him. All that the carrier needs to do is confirm taking freight and agree on monitoring.

  • Quick financing of invoices (to be released in May 2020)

    In TfF carriers carrying out transport for your order can receive quick financing of invoices, even within 48hrs. It is an extra motivation to take loads from your company more often and in a greater amount.

How to start working with Trans for Forwarders?
These 4 steps are enough to enter a new digital level of work.

  1. Search for cooperating carriers on or invite those from outside the system.
  2. Send the first freight via (give up sending emails – you will save time)
  3. Wait for a response from carriers – confirmation or a price counteroffer. You can also organize an auction. For the first time it’s worth reminding carriers of a reply by phone.
  4. Compare a rate on this route with the current freight exchange prices calculated by our algorithm.

Digitization of forwarding

On we support forwarders in a digital transformation.

We strive to make the majority of logistics processes handled by the forwarder executed in a digital way, i.e. faster, more effectively and with the support of intelligent algorithms.

Owing to the transformation, we help home forwarders compete with their digital rivals (e.g. Uber Freight, Instagfreight, etc.) based on fair principles.

Digital workflow of documents

Automated decision-making

Full monitoring of loads

Quick payment

  • Digital workflow of documents

  • Automated decision-making

  • Full monitoring of loads

  • Quick payment

  • High productivity

TCF Certified Forwarder
Join the most reliable forwarders on

Receive a special TCF award. The certificate confirms the high quality of your services, timeliness of settling liabilities and excellent reputation of the company. Thanks to the award, your carriers will be more motivated to take orders from you.


Our Experts about Trans for Forwarders (TfF)

  • Sylwester Niemyjski
    DHL Global Forwarding

    At DHL, I am responsible for contacting companies that offer transport services provided by vehicles with flatbed trailers. In the ear of a lack of drivers, Trans for Forwarders significantly increases the chances to expand one's contact base with new, profiled carriers. The ability to match an order with carriers according to one's own criteria is a way to quickly and effectively find the right subcontractor.
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  • Tomasz Trochimczuk
    Branch International Distribution Manager, Raben Logistics Polska

    Trans for Forwarders may fill the gap in the transport services market. What I like the most is the SmartMatch algorithm which allows us to find carriers driving on the desirable conditions. I think that thanks to this solution, it is only a matter of time before TfF becomes an essential tool to look for transport.
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  • Jarosław Płusa
    CEO of Uniq Logistic

    Freight forwarder has to listen carefully to the needs of their customer and the carrier they are collaborating with. The traditional communication methods are time consuming and often result in the classic "Chinese whispers." Trans for Forwarders allows us to contain the communication in one place. That way, the freight forwarder gains time and clarity of communication.
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  • Maciej Miśkiewicz
    Camel Sped Sp. z o.o.

    The role of the modern freight forwarding is a comprehensive customer service and carrier route optimisation. That is impossible without automation of some processes, as every aware manager knows. Trans for Forwarders is a high-level tool that allows freight forwarders to combine the needs of the load and the carrier.
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About Group S.A. Group S.A. is a technology company established in 2004. We have created one of the most important freight exchanges in Europe, as well as a modern logistics platform for road transport.

The platform is a true 4.0-class logistic platform: it brings together shipping companies, logistics operators, forwarders and carriers.

Today, the company develops 11 foreign companies as well as 8 companies who specialise in the provision of various services for the road transport business. We already have over 500 employees.

The Platform is a place where the largest community of carriers in Europe was created

25 000 carriers
it builds the Platform community
9 000 forwarders
actively use the Platform
6 000 shippers
publish freight offers on the Platform

Our mission is simple. We want the world of the road transport to become increasingly SMART & FAIR:
modern, efficient and transparent.

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