Includes a new integrated freight exchange

Freight offers from regular and new contractors

The new Trans for Carriers (TfC) is an all-in-one tool – no e-mails or text messages. Easy, quick and convenient, with the exchange.

Trans for Carriers (TfC)
More than the transport exchange

3 main benefits

  • Simple handling of freight from regular contractors

    Easy confirmation of the acceptance of freight offer; for regular contracts - simple offering of price in answer to auction.

  • Offers of freight from other shippers

    TfC uses the SmartMatch algorithm, suggesting specific loads to carriers. The algorithm takes into account many variables, e.g. the carrier's fleet, the routes they usually choose, previous cooperation with the shipper, opinions and the TCC certificate.

  • Monitoring required by shippers and easy status determination

    TfC enables integration of carrier's telematics and easy communication and order status determination – without additional e-mails and Excel.

 + 3 EXTRA additions

  • Simple invoicing and settlement of transport orders (soon)

    TfC includes options of automatic invoices based on previously completed orders, with the possibility to settle additional fees and contractual penalties.

  • Better use of the fleet and increase in profitability (soon)

    Profitability depends on whether the vehicles operate continuously and for good rates. The vehicle usage planner allows to plan continuous vehicle work even for 2-3 weeks ahead, with automatic freight proposals for periods without any fixed orders.

  • Correct planning of the truck's real routes (soon)

    In order to determine the freight’s price, besides of many factors related to the load (season, number of unloading locations, etc.), it is crucial to properly plan the truck’s actual route.

Trans for Carriers: the most important features

TfC distinctive feature How does it work?
New transport exchange Access to one of the largest transport communities in Europe. It is a new tool integrated with the logistics platform.
Automation of cooperation Easy confirmation of accepting regular and occasional freights from your shipper.
Freight auctions Participation in order auctions with a fixed price or with a possibility to suggest prices.
Management of orders from a shipper Accepting and giving statuses to electronic orders from the shipper.
Quick order confirmation Electronic confirmation of order completion for quicker invoicing.
Fleet integration with telematics Ability to share the position of a vehicle with a load.
Access to a convenient messenger One tool for conversations with customers: segregates conversations according to context and archives findings.

About Group S.A. Group S.A. is a technology company established in 2004. We have created one of the most important freight exchanges in Europe, as well as a modern logistics platform for road transport.

The platform is a true 4.0-class TMS: it brings together shipping companies, logistics operators, forwarders and carriers.

Today, the company develops 11 foreign companies as well as 8 companies who specialise in the provision of various services for the road transport business. We already have over 500 employees.

The Platform is a place where the largest community of carriers in Europe was created

25 000 carriers
build the Platform community
9 000 forwarders
actively use the Platform
6 000 shippers
publish freight offers on the Platform

Our mission is simple. We want the world of the road transport to become increasingly SMART & FAIR:
modern, efficient and transparent.

Learn more how with DEKRA care about the safety of Your data on Platform.

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