Automatic search for trucks during rush hours – how does it work?

TfS provides planners with real help when there are not enough cars, especially in high season. The intelligent algorithm searches for carriers with vehicles meetings the appropriate parameters, available at the desired time. It is the only tool on the market which automates key decisions and gives access to a community of 25,000 proven transport companies from the Platform.

Automation thanks to big data

In one place, TfS gathers information which used to be dispersed in various systems (the so-called data islands). The new platform integrates them, enabling their effective use. Instead of many systems – one smart tool using big data to make automated decisions.

The SmartMatch algorithm helps find free vehicles

TfS allows to work with carrier groups and regular routes. It also automates the search for carriers thanks to freight publication rules. But that is not all. It also provides support when no subcontractors have free resources, for example during the peak season.

The SmartMatch algorithm analyses data and the activity of transport companies on the Platform. It searches for carriers suited to the freight parameters. No need to actively search, send e-mails, and make phone calls. It is a way to wisely use collected information, as well a chance to expand the group of proven subcontractors.

Meeting the shipper’s needs

SmartMatch searches for companies that best meet the shipper’s requirements. It takes into account such criteria as: operational directions, type, status and age of the company’s fleet, customer ratings, certificates (e.g. ISO 28000), quality of the carrier’s liability insurance policy. The criteria for carrier selection can be personalised. They help building a list of forwarding and transport companies to whom it sends freight offers from the shipper. Price negotiation and fixing the terms are automated processes. The planner must only confirm the selected offer, and the order is ready.

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