Automatic creation of queries to carriers regarding freight received from shippers

Trans for Forwarders is much more than a freight exchange. It is a tool automating transport management – from procuring freight to finding a carrier. The forwarder defines which carriers will receive offers from the system. The decision-making process is fully automated. The era of e-mails, text messages, phone and excel has come to an end. Time for the 4.0-class TMS.

Transforming forwarding-related work with automated decisions

With TfF, it takes a single click for the forwarder to send a query regarding the freight received from a shipper to the appropriate carrier. No need to copy, no mistakes.

TfF freight publication rules allow for attendance-free procurement of freight carriers, according to the criteria set by the forwarder. The system sends offers to companies in accordance with those criteria. After the offer has been selected, it informs the carriers that the publication has expired. The forwarder checks the search results and accepts the selected offer. All of it in one window, without a single e-mail.

Fast acquisition of carriers for freight

TfF automatically sends freight proposals to carriers who are grouped by the forwarder, e.g. by body type or by route.

You just need to choose which carriers and in what order will receive the freight offer:

  • companies cooperating on fixed routes and on agreed terms
  • trusted partners to whom freight is commissioned, when necessary
  • Platform carriers suggested by the SmartMatch algorithm
  • all Freight Exchange carriers.

Simple configuration of advanced rules

TfF rules allow pre-setting a bid or request pricing from carriers. The forwarder decides whether to choose the lowest price offered or a company which meets other criteria which matter to him. If they are urgently searching for a vehicle and there are no return offers within the fixed time period – they can also publish offers for the cargo on the platform freight exchange.

Trans for Forwarders:

  • automates repetitive tasks and saves time,
  • connects the contract and the spot worlds,
  • allows working on groups of carriers,
  • personalizes publication rules and the criteria for the selection of companies.

Combining spot and contract markets

Trans for Forwarders is a tool combining a world of fixed routes and work with groups of trusted carriers with a freight exchange, reliable when there are not enough cars. At the peak season, the platform gives access to an international community of carriers. It automates the carrier acquisition process for freight and eliminates the risk of mistakes and errors.

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