New TRANS 4.0 is available

On 12 September the new version Trans Exchange was released. In contrast to the previous version Trans 4.0 has a new design and some additional functions. Download the program supporting Trans 4.0 from the Registration and download site and see how it works.

The most important change concerns implementation of TransMap service. The maps, which are designed with the idea of transport companies, allow precise route setting and searching loads in a specific point or route. This feature is a breakthrough in the way of presenting transport offers.

TransMap also presents road restrictions for trucks, post codes and a transport cost calculator. TransMap users have an advanced tool of planning routes on the basis of economic benefits. More info about maps >>

What else does the new Trans 4.0 offer?

  • Contact search engine that lets one find people or companies on Trans Exchange and the list of contacts. Trans 4.0 also allows creating contact groups and lists of companies that we often co-operate with. Within the new system there is a possibility of adding offers for the selected group from the messenger.
  • Possibility of using many windows and tabs allows tracking offers on various routes simultaneously. In the case of a computer breakdown or temporary energy cut the program will save last settings and load them at the next start.
  • Faster and more stable application – it is possible thanks to the new system of offer update and lowered RAM memory usage.
  • Possibility of combining the messenger with the exchange thanks to which having a conversation with contractors and searching offers became much easier.

Apart from releasing the new version of Trans we encourage you to visit our new TRANS Help Centre where you can find all the details concerning the application.
Check our new 4.0 version, you can download it HERE.

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