Without e-mails, data sheets, phone calls and text messages!

For small and medium shipping, manufacturing and trading companies.
Enterprise version available

Trans for Shippers ensures access to the largest database of carriers in Europe
and a new integrated freight exchange.

Access for the shipper is practically free of charge!*


3 main benefits

  • Keeping order in managing transport and subcontractors

    Invite your forwarders and carriers to the application and order transport in a fully automated way. Give up sending e-mails and useless paperwork. In TfS all orders are found in one place, managed on an ongoing basis, and their status can be monitored.

  • Control of loads

    Owing to the load monitoring function you know where your load is located at the moment and what is happening to it. All that the carrier needs to do is confirm taking freight and agree on monitoring.

  • Comparison of rates

    On our Platform you can compare your current rate for transport with an actual price on a given route. A special algorithm will calculate it for you based on current market prices. You will never overpay for the service again!

What else will you gain?

  • Help with finding carriers

    The application will assist you with finding a carrier or forwarder when your regular subcontractors are not able to carry out transport. Publish a load and organize an auction, you will quickly receive answers from some of 25,000 available carrier companies.

  • Database of opinions about carriers Platform is the best source of information about carriers – their reputation and credibility, offered vehicles, insurance, received awards and specializations.

  • Order templates and reporting tools

    In TfS you can use our pre-designed templates of transport orders compliant with CMR. It also includes professional tools for transport control and monthly reporting. in 4 simple steps:

  1. Add or invite cooperating forwarders/carriers to
  2. Send the first freight via Give up sending e-mails and save time.
  3. Wait for a response from a subcontractor – confirmation or a price counteroffer.You can also organize an auction. For the first time it’s worth reminding contractors of a reply by phone.
  4. Compare a rate on this route with the current freight exchange prices calculated by our algorithm.

Manage transport via Platform

Manage transport via Platform

Experts about Trans for Shippers (TfS)

  • Bartosz Graczyk
    Head of Logistics and Forwarding Department, Steico Sp. z o.o.

    Due to the growing demand for transportation, it is increasingly difficult for us to efficiently deliver goods to our customers. Trans for Shippers is a tool that allows us to easily find means of transport suited to the load. When looking for practical solutions that can be integrated with ERP of your company, you cannot overlook Trans for Shippers.
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  • Krzysztof Pietrzyk
    Senior Export Executive, Zakład Wytwórczy Aparatów Elektrycznych

    Sometimes carriers conduct trans-shipment without the shipper's consent. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not secure the goods the way they should. The ideal situation is the one where we keep track of each action taken by the driver. That is why I like the monitoring feature included in Trans for Shippers so much.
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  • Katarzyna Izdebska
    Logistics Specialist

    A long wait for information from a freight forwarder or a carrier is a real nightmare for a company that bases its transport services on subcontractors. The ability to monitor trucks is a solution tailored to our needs. The monitoring available in Trans for Shippers is useful for any company that delivers goods to customers.
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  • Zbigniew Kleniewski
    Business Development Manager, Olewnik Bis Sp. z o.o.

    Without access to technology, we are unable to fully control the flow of goods. It is often that we find out much too late about a problem that occurred at any stage of the transport. The Trans for Shipper monitoring feature allows for keeping track of the load—which is also appreciated by our customers who require constant access to information about their goods.
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If you are a new client

About Group S.A. Group S.A. is a technology company established in 2004. We form one of the most important freight exchanges in Europe and a modern logistics platform for road transport.

The platform is a true 4.0-class logistic platform: it brings together shipping companies, logistics operators, forwarders and carriers.

Today, the company develops 11 foreign companies as well as 8 companies who specialise in the provision of various services for the road transport business. We already have over 500 employees. Platform gathers the largest community of carriers in Europe.

25 000 carriers
build the Platform community
9 000 forwarders
actively use the Platform
6 000 shippers
publish freight offers on the Platform

Our mission is simple. We want the world of the road transport to become increasingly SMART & FAIR: modern, efficient and transparent.

Learn more how with DEKRA care about the safety of Your data on Platform.

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