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On you will find offers from more than 6,000 shippers and 9,000 freight forwarders. Find loads on the exchange
and take advantage of freight offers from regular and new customers.

Trans for Carriers -

includes an integrated freight exchange
4 reasons why it’s worth it:
Faster update of offers
On the new exchange you will find more currently available loads. Finished and duplicated offers are immediately removed from the list and new ones are highlighted.
Search for loads and add vehicle offers for regions
Now you don’t have to add vehicle offers for each country separately Simply add an offer for a given region to increase your chances of finding a contractor. You will also quickly find the right load offer for your region.
More accurate sorting and filtering of load offers
In the new version of the exchange you will find offers for many body types at the same time. You can exclude cabotage from your search, include or exclude ADR and other requirements. You'll find matching loads even faster.
Intelligent algorithm for offering SmartMatch freight offers
Receive freight offers, i.e. freight transport matched to your requirements, directly from new shippers. Gain new contacts and orders.