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Register and check the offers of loads and vehicles.

Domestic and foreign from verified transport companies, forwarders and shippers.
  • 6000
    offer their loads on the Platform
  • 25 000
    create the Platform community
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See how you can take advantage of the strength
of the Platform community
and the latest technology in your company.

Get more load offers.
Save time on freight handling and learn about current route rates. Platform integrated with the freight exchange.

3 major benefits:
Transport companies
Additional orders
for the transport of loads
  • Convenient communicator for discussing details
    It's a simple way to discuss all the details of a transaction.
  • Search for loads and add vehicle offers for regions
    Now you don’t have to add vehicle offers for each country separately Simply add an offer for a given region to increase your chances of finding a contractor. You will also quickly find the right load offer for your region.
  • Quickly refresh and sort your offers
    Offers are automatically deleted after the unloading date. And the search is facilitated by many additional filters, e.g. ADR, LTL, bus, truck, tandem.
Wide access
to carriers
  • Suggesting current rates
    You can be sure that you won't overpay for transport
  • Simple and quick search of carriers.
    International community of transport companies makes it possible for faster carrier finding.
  • Load monitoring
    Events such as loading, unloading, stopping or rerouting will be displayed on the map immediately.
Freight forwarding
25,000 verified
transport companies
  • Load monitoring
    Trans for Forwarders is easy to integrate with any telematics on the market.
  • Security and evaluation system
    Only verified companies have access to the exchange. And the rating system allows for checking, among other things, how other users rate the cooperation
  • Work on groups of carriers
    It combines the new exchange and automatic cooperation rules with trusted carriers on fixed routes

Check how the Platform integrated with the freight exchange
will change in your company.

Fast, stable and modern freight exchange.

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