Transport exchange

Use modern tools in your work


International transport exchange

  • 100,000 transport offers from  all over Europe everyday
  • a modern and intuitive load  and vehicle exchange
  • approx. 30,000 forwarding, transport  and production companies
  • proven companies, maximum safety
  • free registration

Increase your revenue, eliminate the risk

  • over 200,000 offers of available load and  vehicle offers  from all over Europe daily
  • trusted and  proven counterparties
  • filtering offers in accordance with selected criteria

Cut operational costs

  • simple and  fast offer submission
  • tools for handling large transport orders which save time and  money
  • submitting documents online, faster payments

Conclude free transactions with  trusted companies

  • TransRisk reliability index calculated for each company
  • Counterparty  rating and  opinion system
  • support with debt recovery

Use the business messenger

  • constant access to counterparties open to cooperation
  • archiving of all arrangements  and transactions
  • time and  money saving

Manage your company  in 1 panel

  • instant offer  submission and browsing
  • simple company, counterparty database  and fleet management
  • submitting and receiving  transport orders in an instant

Transport exchange online!

  • Access to the system  at any time  and in  any place
  • fast, efficient and  stable
  • modern management for the company  and its tasks

How to use our services ?

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