TCF Certificate

Unique programme of the certification  of work quality and  payment habits  of forwarders.


Benefits for the forwarder

  • competing with quality rather than price, a chance of better rates
  • a clear sign for the best carriers that they can trust you
  • membership in an elite group of freight forwarding companies
  • certificate of a good state of your company

What does TCF mean for the carrier?

The best carriers choose the certified companies

  • certificate of timely payments
  • quick verification of the freight forwarder reliability

What does TCF mean for the shipper?

TCF Certificate is a chance  for new commissions

  • access to a database of proven and reliable freight forwarding companies
  • saved time spent on additional verification of companies
  • the highest level of transaction security
  • timely execution of orders

Certified companies are, among others, distinguished by:

  • TransRisk Index  at least on the "a good payer" level
  • a positive outcome of the analysis of external  databases and credit information agencies
  • timely liability settlement
  • a large number of positive counterparty ratings
  • the period of business activities of at least 3 years
  • thoroughly updated Platform profile (documents, licenses)
see the full list of criteria
  • 1.

    At least 3 years of operation on the market.

  • 2.

    TransRisk Index on the "a good payer" level.

  • 3.

    The number of transactions concluded as a payer: 100.

  • 4.

    The number of positive comments as a payer: 40.

  • 5.

    At least 95% of positive ratings as a payer:

  • 6.

    Company and industry documents

  • 7.

    No publications on the stock market.

  • 8.

    No negative opinions online.

Highlighting the TCF companies in the Platform

Your listings on the exchange will be specially tagged

The TCF logo will be visible on your company profile

How to acquire the Certificate TCF?

  • Submit an application. You can find the form below
  • Our auditor will check whether you meet all the TCF criteria
  • Companies with TCF Certificate are audited monthly

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