TCE Certificate

The only certification program
dedicated to companies with  vehicles  up to 3.5 t.


Benefits for  the carrier

  • greater trust among contracting parties
  • easier acquisition of orders
  • belonging to an elite group of carriers
  • promotion of your business, distinction in the Platform

Benefits for  the contracting party

  • Saved time spent on additional verification of the companies – we do it for you
  • Guaranteed high quality services of the carrier
  • transport safety – high quality fleet

Companies with TCExpress are distinguished, among others, by:

  • #

    at least 2-year experience  on the market

  • #

    positive recommendations from existing counterparties

  • #

    at least 100 executed orders

  • #

    modern fleet equipped with  GPS

  • #

    owning OCP insurance that actually protects the carrier

  • #

    payment credibility

see the full list of criteria
  • 1.

    The main business activity of the company must be based on the provision of transport services

  • 2.

    Experience on the market (at least 2  years).

  • 3.

    Good reputation supported by the excellent opinions of previous counterparties.

  • 4.

    Recognition among the customers of Platform supported by transactions, positive comments, a considerable amount of the carrier ratings (optionally also payer ratings).

  • 5.

    Modern and eco-friendly vehicle fleet equipped with  GPS system.

  • 6.

    Documents added to the company's  profile in the Platform  and visible to counterparties  (tax ID number, National Court Register number/entry in the register,  carrier's liability insurance with payment confirmation or audited carrier's liability insurance and other  additional permits and certificates).

  • 7.

    Insurance coverage that includes assault and robbery,  leaving the vehicle in an unguarded car park

  • 8.

    The sum insured covering each event  (not just one or all events).

  • 9.

    Lack of entries in any economic information bureau in the last year,  undermining payment capability of the entrepreneur.

  • 10.

    Lack of current debt tender offers published  on the Debt Exchange within the Platform.

  • 11.

    Confirmation of the entrepreneur's activity in the government  databases (e.g. whether the company has not suspended its business  operations or whether it is not insolvent)

  • 12.

    Current data on the company's vehicle fleet (year made, accessories, number of buses) in the Platform

Companies with TCExpress  in Platform

TCC logo in the company profile.

Original TCE Certificate

We will provide you with a document that confirms meeting the TCE criteria and the information about granting of the TCE Certification will be published on our websites.


Priority in the access  to the latest Platform solutions

TCC-certified companies are first to be invited to use innovative tools.

How to acquire the Certificate?

  • Submit an application. You can find the form below
  • Our auditor will check whether you meet all the TCE criteria
  • If necessary, you will be asked to  supplement the missing documents or data (e.g. the information on the fleet)
  • After a successful audit, we will provide you with the stickers with which you will be able to mark your vehicles

Submit the application for the certificate
for your company

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