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Thousands of verified carriers and lower logistics costs

# Platform is a platform which connects carriers and manufacturers. We give you access to modern tools and databases of verified transport companies, mainly from Eastern Europe.

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    18,000 verified carriers
    Quicker access to the database of available vehicles.

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    Lower transport costs
    You save up to 30% a year.

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    Support for transport surpluses
    During peaks and emergency situations.

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    Security of supply chain
    Multi-stage verification of carriers and cooperation with certified companies.

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    Integrated tools for order management
    Greater efficiency and automation of the order handling process.

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    Optimal use of own fleet
    Minimising empty runs.

In the Platform the transport companies and Contracting parties conclude over 260,000 transactions a month.

Lower your transport costs

80,000 offers of available vehicles daily, mainly from competitive carriers from Eastern Europe.

  • you cooperate directly with carriers
  • you choose to cooperate with verified companies, providing competitive rates
  • you can easily check and compare freight prices
  • you provide transport for orders in the high  season and emergency situations

We thoroughly verify transport companies to increase your safety

Work only with reliable carriers.

  • we thoroughly verify the documents, licenses and affiliations of carriers
  • you have access to information on the history of the company activities in the system
  • you check the most recent opinions about a counterparty in the ratings and comments system
  • you have the information on the insurance scopes and validity (Audited Insurance certificate)

Use the maximum potential of your fleet

Easy access to the offers of return and added loads.

  • you reduce empty runs
  • you optimally use your cargo space
  • you generate additional revenue

Free and safe API integration

We combine computer systems to automate logistic processes.

  • quick submitting and searching for the offers directly from your system
  • checking the counterparty data and order status
  • automation of all the repetitive tasks
  • time saving and elimination of manual work and errors
  • data transmission security

Use free tools which help you  manage your work


Quick and efficient  order management

  • electronic creation and sending transport orders
  • order ready in a few seconds after concluding the transaction
  • a list of all the available orders with their status in one place
  • use electronic delivery confirmation for quick VAT recovery
more Platform in numbers

17 Mio. 21 Mio. 22 Mio. 30 Mio. 39 Mio. 70 Mio. 112 Mio. 2010 2017

the number of load offers

203 k 505 k 823 k 1,2 Mio. 1,7 Mio. 3,5 Mio. 3,9 Mio. 2010 2017

the annual number of transactions

17 k 20 k 22 k 24 k 27 k 35 k 37 k 2010 2017

the number of subscribers

How to use our services ?

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