Insurance Audit

Warranty of the highest  quality carrier insurance


Audited Insurance guarantees that the carrier's liability insurance:

  • is valid and  paid
  • protects against key risks (theft, subcontractors, unguarded car parks)
  • has a guaranteed insurance sum value
  • its clauses are translated into 16 languages

Benefits for the shipper

  • you can be sure that the carrier has paid for the policy
  • you can save the time needed for insurance verification
  • you are sure that your goods are safe

Audited Insurance in the Platform:

The holders of the Audited policy are featured  in Platform

The offers of the audited companies are featured on the market

The audited policy is marked in the list of documents

In the policy details you will see all the clauses that it contains

The Audited Insurance mark is visible   in the company profile