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Looking for a carrier, need to order transport?

On the exchange you will find offers from more than 25,000 verified carriers and 6,000 shippers.
The freight exchange and rules for automatic cooperation with carriers on fixed routes are the way
to achieve a higher work standard.

Trans for Forwarders -

includes an integrated freight exchange
4 reasons why it’s worth it:

New, faster online exchange

Now you will find more currently available loads. Finished and duplicated offers are removed from the list and new ones are highlighted. The exchange contains new filters and allows you to find and add offers for regions.

Work on groups and automation of cooperation with carriers

Trans for Forwarders enables you to quickly post freights for regular clients, groups of reliable carriers or on the exchange.

Proposing new carriers through algorithms

Now you’ll find the right carrier faster than ever. Also during the peak season, when there are no cars available. The intelligent SmartMatch algorithm, with access to the community of transport companies on the platform, will offer you vehicles matched to the requirements and reliable companies to cooperate with.

Suggesting freight rates

Every day the algorithms of the Platform analyze the data coming from thousands of transactions. This allows them to suggest the optimal rate on a given route on a specific day. You can be sure that you don't overpay for transport.

Load monitoring

You have full information on loads. Events such as: loading, unloading, stopping or rerouting will be displayed on the map immediately. No calls to the driver.

Trans for Forwarders can be integrated with every telematics on the market with one click.

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