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With us, no van does empty runs.

Millions of offers from anywhere in the country and Europe,transactions in a few clicks from
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3.5 T van loads

Are you looking for van orders for loading, extra loading and returns? With us you will find them all. From anywhere in the country and Europe. We provide the largest database of transport orders for vans, fast refreshing and convenient filtering of offers.

Access to loads - wherever you are

Do you want to have loads at your fingertips and make money on every kilometer? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are the only ones in the market to provide you with a dedicated mobile app Loads2GO!; free van loads are waiting on your route – thanks to reliable filters and notifications.

More profit with every kilometer

Say NO to empty or underloaded runs and start earning with every kilometer. Choose the largest exchange of free <3.5 T loads, verified shippers and offers defined on your terms – whenever you need it.

Also, please keep in mind that:

  • Signing up at is free. It will give you access to a free account on our Platform.
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The monthly subscription with access to the exchange is only 129 EUR. And importantly - we don't charge you any activation fees, and you get access to our mobile app in the subscription price.

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