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 in Europe as well as modern tools that facilitate transport management.

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Register to explore the offers available on our comprehensive freight exchange platform in Europe. combines domestic and international offers from verified transporters, forwarders, and shippers.
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Our transport exchange, a central haulage exchange, unites over 40 thousand verified companies.

Leverage the power of the Platform community, a leading freight exchange platform in Europe, along with the latest technology in your business. Discover the advantages a carrier, forwarder, and shipper exchange can offer you.

Obtain more load offers through the transport exchange.

Save time on freight management and stay informed about the current rates on routes.

The transport exchange, functioning as an essential freight exchange platform, is a solution to the lack of vehicles during peak seasons. Don’t waste time searching for a transport company or shipper on internet forums. All companies undergo verification before gaining access to the transport exchange. Additionally, the exchange features a community rating system that allows checking the counterparty before starting cooperation.

That’s not all our exchange has to offer. You can organize transport directly with groups of carriers or shippers. Individual offers can be accepted, rejected, or negotiated. Everything is done in one window, without the need for phone calls. The load exchange allows for free contact between users. Any doubts regarding the order can be clarified with the contractor via the messenger. Every participant of the transport exchange has access to it.

Create an account on the Platform integrated with the transport exchange and the necessary tools for managing logistics in your company. Register today.

The Platform Integrated with the Transport Exchange

The three most important benefits the freight exchange provides:
Transport companies
Additional orders
for cargo transport
  • Convenient messenger for arranging details
    With it, users of the transport service exchange can easily determine all the details of the transaction.
  • Searching for loads by regions
    Allows adding a vehicle offer or looking for a load offer in a specific region. And increases the chance of finding a contractor.
  • Quick refreshing and sorting of offers
    Offers by the date of unloading are automatically removed. And the search is facilitated by many additional filters, e.g., ADR, LTL, bus, truck, tandem.
Forwarding Companies
Wide access
to the carrier exchange.
  • Suggesting current rates in the transport exchange
    The transport exchange helps assess the profitability of the freight.
  • Simple and fast search for carriers
    The international community of transport companies allows faster finding of a carrier.
  • Monitoring of loads on the freight, transport, and parcel exchange, reinforcing our position as a key freight exchange platform in Europe.
    Events such as loading, unloading, stopping, or changing are immediately visible on the map.
Freight Forwarding Companies
25,000 verified
transport companies.
  • Load monitoring on the exchange
    Easily connect with any telematics on the market.
  • Security and rating system
    The freight exchange is available only for verified companies. And the rating system allows checking, among other things, how they rate cooperation with them.
  • Working with groups of carriers
    It combines the new freight exchange and rules for automatic cooperation with trusted carriers on fixed routes.

Discover today how much your company can change with the Platform, an integrated freight exchange platform in Europe, with the transport exchange.

What is the Transport Exchange?

The transport and cargo exchange, a leading freight exchange Europe, has been operational since 2004. It is now regarded as one of the primary logistics platforms dedicated to the TSL industry. Daily, it features thousands of offers from shippers, forwarders, and carriers. Although originated in Poland, is not just a Polish domestic transport exchange. It encompasses users from 24 European countries, enabling them to freely communicate and conduct transactions.

How Does the Transport Exchange Work?

The freight and transport exchange operates on a straightforward mechanism. Forwarders and shippers post offers of loads needing transportation, while carriers present their transport services. Each user decides independently whether they want to select a particular good or transport. The exchange also grants them complete decision-making authority regarding the rate, route, or other terms of the order.

Is it Worth Choosing

Choosing the transport and freight exchange offers numerous advantages. It’s worth selecting for its extensive database of offers alone. Few transport exchanges (even the most popular ones) gather as many industry representatives as With us, up to 342 thousand offers on loads and 47 thousand offers on transport are available daily. Therefore, finding an order is not a problem – even in the peak season or times of crisis.

Which Transport Exchange is the Best?

Our clients appreciate, and we strive to ensure it remains the best transport exchange. We devote utmost attention to safety – through detailed verification, a refined rating system, and awarded certificates, we minimize the risk associated with executing an order. Also, our technology makes a high-level goods and transport exchange. It distinguishes itself with access via an app, an intuitive platform, and a convenient messenger.

Fast, Stable, and Modern Transport Exchange

Simple Online Registration:

  • Fill out the online form to register on the logistics exchange; just provide a few details about your company.
  • Personal Login Information: We will send you a login and password to the provided address, allowing you to access your account.
  • Completion Call: We will reach out to you by phone to finalize the last step of registration on our transport exchange.

Fast, stable and modern freight exchange.

Simple online registration

  • Fill in the online form - provide some information about your company.
  • We will send the login and password to your address. his will allow you to log in to the Platform
  • We will contact you by phone
    and complete the last stage of registration.
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Freight Exchange.
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