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What will you gain by updating the System to the latest version?


Much greater stability and speed

We have introduced many improvements and bug fixes which provide 5 times greater system stability compared to previous versions and faster offer downloading.

New features of the Offers module

Easy access to your current and archived offers and templates. You will publish your offer, assign it as a task to a driver or place an order on its basis even faster.


Even better messenger

We have improved notifications.
Now one icon informs you of all the new messages which does not slow your computer down as much as before and allows you to work faster.

Contacts are no longer added automatically - you decide which contacts to add to the list.

Your contacts are stored on the server – now you will find the same list on every computer on which you log in to the system.

Mobile phone instant messaging

With TransMessenger application you will be in touch with your business partners and conlcude transactions wherever you are.
Google Play


New tools will speed up your work

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    TransOrders – automatic order generation for each concluded transaction.

    No need for papers, phones and e-mails. Now you will place an order quickly, easily change and add your own templates for orders and transport conditions, adjust the numbering to your template.

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    TransTask – You will easily and quickly send tasks to drivers.

    Better than text messaging, reliable and easy to use. Download the app from Google Play.

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    TransScanner – a free mobile application for drivers. Allows you to scan documents with a phone and send them to the dispatcher as lightweight files without consuming large amounts of data transfer, directly to the TransTask module.

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