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Get more orders from reliable companies  from all over Europe

# Platform is a platform connecting carriers with production
and freight forwarding companies, as well as a set of modern tools for communication with counterparties and order management.

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    Proven counterparties
    We thoroughly verify and certify companies for your safety.

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    New orders
    250,000 transactions per month in the Platform.

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    Less empty runs
    You profit more via return loads and added loads.

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    Faster payments
    Electronic communication and document circulation allow for shortening the time you wait for payment.

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    Greater shipper trust
    Thanks to the option of connecting the account with your telematics, you will check and share the vehicle positions to your counterparties during the time of task execution.

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    Integrated tools for order management
    Full automation of the order realisation process, the highest efficiency.

The most active companies conclude over 25,000 transactions a year

Get new orders.

Increase your revenue with load offers from all over Europe

  • thanks to return loads and added loads you limit empty runs
  • freight matching your fleet, also for vehicles up to 3.5 t
  • negotiate with multiple counterparties, by using free the free messenger

Work with reliable counterparties

We thoroughly verify transport companies to increase your safety.

  • we thoroughly verify the documents, licenses and affiliations of manufacturing companies and freight forwarders
  • you have access to information on the history of the company activities on the Platform
  • unique database of counterparty opinions and ratings gives knowledge about their current condition
  • we analyse the financial situation of the payers (payment credibility index TransRisk)
register Platform in numbers

17 Mio. 21 Mio. 22 Mio. 30 Mio. 39 Mio. 70 Mio. 112 Mio. 2010 2017

the number of load offers

203 k 505 k 823 k 1,2 Mio. 1,7 Mio. 3,5 Mio. 3,9 Mio. 2010 2017

the annual number of transactions

17 k 20 k 22 k 24 k 27 k 35 k 37 k 2010 2017

the number of subscribers


Quick and efficient order management

  • receiving and confirming orders from the shipper electronically
  • acceptance of a transport order in a few seconds after the transaction
  • a list of all the available orders with their status in one place
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