You will find the load even faster in TransExpress. Check the new functions!


We are constantly working on developing the TransExpress app so that it is best suited to your needs. It is already used by 7000 people. Thanks to their involvement and suggestions we have upgraded our app with new functions. We also made sure that it still retains its biggest advantage, simplicity. See what’s new about the latest TransExpress version.

GPS offer monitoring on the route

Thanks to the GPS technology, the app is informing you about new offers close to you on an ongoing basis. It is a great option for added loads!

Route monitoring in the app

You don’t have time for searching? Set up monitoring for a selected route. You will be informed when a new offer appears on this route.


Information on the freight distance and the loading place

Now the offers contain information on the number of kilometers from the freight and the distance between the loading and unloading place.

History of the previously selected routes in the app

You do not have to enter the location which you searched for previously. The app remembers 10 previously selected places (cities, countries, groups of countries) so that you can easily find what you are looking for.


Route preview on the map

For each viewed freight offer you can now check the route on the map. Check whether you have the latest version of the app and update it if necessary. If you have not installed it yet, download it for free from Google Play.

We are waiting for your opinions and suggestions regarding new functions. Tell us about them by using the Send opinion option in the app.

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