Work with maps that will find a load and a available parking space for you!

Maps being so precise that they will find load on the route—as well as a parking spaces—by themselves!

The new version of the program provides access to new, updated maps of the whole Europe. It allows for a quick calculation of the transportation costs and solves the issues of “empty runs” after unloading or lack of available parking spaces. Now, a freight forwarder planning transportation has access to valuable information before they send a vehicle on the route.

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The modified map module also provides information on truck restrictions and road obstacles. It also features a cost calculator allowing for estaimation of the freight profitability. Drivers will certainly appreciate the data regarding available parking spaces and petrol stations located near their route. Information on this subject is fetched from the POI database, which is regularly updated by the community of the TransParking application users.

New version of Trans: a quick and modern tool

The program update is the new quality in everyday work. The fixed features include contact lists, time changes, management panel and the friend invitation mechanism, while the additional functions give the subscribers new capabilities.

Important: to use the new version of the software, you need Windows 7 or newer. It is not available for devices with Windows XP or Vista.

To use the new version of the program with no difficulties, you need to update your software properly. According to the data of the Group, the number of Windows XP and Vista users is decreasing significantly. It is important to note that these systems do not provide a safe work environment and contain errors that might negatively affect the operation of our application. The modern map module will work effectively and quickly on Windows 7 or newer.

Ready for the new quality? Download the new version of Trans.

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