Why is it worth cooperating with the eastern carrier?

The high cost of international transport induces the loaders to look for new sources of savings. The profitable solution to this problem would be to establish cooperation with carriers from the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe, who execute orders as much as 16% cheaper than their competitors in the West.

Safety in transport

Nowadays, owing to the transport exchanges, the contracting party has at its disposal a whole range of tools that can be used to verify the carrier. Validity of insurance, necessary licenses or opinions of former counterparties can be effectively checked in just a few moments. Additional safety is provided by certificates, such as TCC or TCF, which prove the company’s credibility and grant easy access to the database of the best carriers and forwarders.

Profitable rates for loaders

Carriers from the East perform transport orders for up to 16% less money than their western competitors. This can result in significant cost savings while maintaining the same high level of service quality.

Profitable rates for loaders

The increasing competition on the eastern transport, freight forwarding and logistics market makes the carriers willing to engage in new orders from the western loaders. At the same time they are also characterised by their reliability, resulting in their timeliness and hard work.

Experience of the carriers

90% of the eastern transport companies specialise in long distance orders. Thus, they are often much more experienced than their competitors from the West, even due to the poor quality of the roads, which their drivers must frequently cope with. Average distance travelled by eastern carriers amounts to 2,000 km, whereas their colleagues from Western Europe reach only about 500 km.

It is also a chance for western carriers to expand the scope of their services. Cooperation with carriers from the East will help them gain more additional orders and establish contacts with potential subcontractors.

Numerous contacts and regular cooperation

Many eastern carriers, mainly from Poland, decide to expand the range of their business by looking for business partners in the West. As a result, loaders can choose from a variety of offers and easily establish a profitable and long-term cooperation.

Knowledge of foreign languages

Although language barriers begin to fade away thanks to the transport platforms, providing the automatic translation of documentation or even correspondence, eastern carriers more and more often speak foreign languages, which makes cooperating with them much easier.

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