Verification of the counterparty for professional freight forwarders

Recognize a good carrier. Specialised freight forwarders are a group of essential importance to the transport industry – rendering the intermediary services between contracting parties and carriers, they ensure professional care and a secure transaction. However, the freight forwarders bear a great responsibility in terms of the selection of fair and reliable subcontractors. Proper verification of the counterparty is thus the very essence, allowing one to save time, effort and money, as well as maintain a good reputation.

How to verify carriers?

A professional forwarder deciding to cooperate with a carrier verifies the available information about them already at the beginning. What should be taken into account? Above all:

  • market experience and credibility of the transport company
  • documentation – licenses, permissions, insurance policies
  • ability to pay and the money debt status
  • recommendations from forwarding companies and contracting parties

Transport exchange – carrier details in one place

All these pieces of information can be found on the transport exchange, where the process of registration and verification of a new carrier is conducted professionally and meticulously. Searching for counterparties on the exchange, the entrepreneur can be sure:

  • that the carrier is stable and reliable
  • new users are required to have at least 18 months of experience on the market.
  • to have access to the current data
  • cooperation with credit information agencies enables the more accurate verification of entities.
  • that the counterparty is solvent
  • the TransRisk index indicates the payment credibility of the counterparties.
  • to establish cooperation with professionals
  • the TCC Certificate is granted only to the best carriers, whereas the TCF – to the best freight forwarders.
  • to be protected by specialists
  • Chat and e-mail history promotes safety: constitutes key solutions.

On the transport exchange you just need to find a counterparty – all the necessary data is available in the reliable information package.

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