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At, we treat the safety of our customers as the highest priority. That is why for months, we have been implementing a procedure of ISO/IEC 27001 certification at our company. We have managed to finalise this process and receive the certificate. Why are we doing this and what is the result?

ISO 27001 – the Information Security certificate

To put it simply, the ISO 27001 certificate comprises a set of standards, procedures, and instructions for the Information Security Management System operating at our company.

An information security management system guarantees confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all processed information. It is ensured by applying the special data and risk management processes.

This is not a dead letter, however. The purpose of the certificate is to make the information security management system a part of processes operating at the company and an element of its management structure. Therefore, we have to take information security into account while planning any processes, information systems, and protections.

What does that mean for our customers?

The implementation of an information security management system at our company guarantees the special protection and confidentiality of data processed by the System. It is ensured by the detailed policies, procedures, and instructions.

Information safety management comprises, among others, the procedures of:

  • personal data protection in an IT system
  • risk management
  • ICT system safety
  • internal audits, improvement activities, and preventive measures
  • document and record supervision.

In summary – your data is safe with us. We care about its safety at every stage and in all of our activities. To prove it – here is a copy of the certificate:

Certificate ISO 27001

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