int(5493) started a collaboration with the Daimler subsidiary FleetBoard started a collaboration with the Daimler subsidiary FleetBoard for the new meta search engine-nxtload. The company presented their new solution at the Transport Logistic 2017 trade fair in Munich.

What is nxtload?

Nxtload is a meta search engine, which combines offers from different transport exchanges. Thanks to this new solution, customers get an overview of relevant and available offers on the market at once. Fleetboard aims to create a greater transparency in the industry and ease the process of  searching for loads. As empty runnings are still, despite of the high number of exchanges, one of the biggest loss points in the transport industry Fleetboard wants to contribute with its search engine to the maximum utilization of vehicles and  create greater efficiency for companies.

Integration with is one of the first freight exchanges that has participated in this project and is already integrated with the nxtload search engine. We are very pleased about the cooperation and partnership!

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