int(5493) opens new branches in Belarus and Turkey

Wroclaw 22.10.2012. Operator of System strengthens its international position and opens new branches abroad. After Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine, branches of the Group appeared in Minsk and Istanbul.

Grzegorz Haładus from the Department of Communications informs that the opening of two new branches in the East results from the growing potential of both markets.

Through Belarus runs transit route from Russia to Europe, the importance of which will increase year by year. On the other hand, trade between Europe and Turkey – which aspires to join the European Union structures – is increasing at a very fast pace. In case of Poland alone, it amounted to almost $ 900 million in 2002. Estimates show that in 2013 it will be a $ 5 billion. Also, the influx of investments from EU to Turkey is witnessing an upward trend. Today they already represent more than 75 percent of all foreign investments in the country.

“We can gain very much from Belarus and Turkey. Establishing companies there will strongly enhance our capabilities, and above all – will improve the quality of our services. We will simply be closer to the customer ” – says Albert Kerno, Sales Director for Eastern and Southern Europe in and Head of the new company in Belarus at the same time.

The major task of the new branches will be a gradual expansion of the company shares on the rapidly growing transport markets in both countries. So far, all actions of the Group in these markets have been held from company’s headquarter in Wroclaw. The strategy will change after registering branches in these countries.

Belarussian company called IOOO Bel Logintrans is located in Minsk, 51 Korolya street, while the Turkish branch – Yazilim Limited Sirketi – can be found at the Istanbul Fatih Mah. Adnan Kahveci Cad. 31/1-3.

Company in Belarus and in Turkey is, respectively, the fifth and sixth foreign branch. The company began its operations in 2004 near Wroclaw, where up to date the headquarter of the company is located. Within the few years of rapid development, branches in Lauenau near Hannover, Bratislava, Vilnius and Lvov were opened. provides innovative web solutions designed for employees working in TSL sector. System consists of:

  • Trans Freight Exchange – online platform allowing issuing or taking offers of free vehicle or cargo,
  • TransMap – a system including route planning, cost of freight calculations and complete maps of Europe module,
  • TransMessenger – a system for searching and organising contacts in the transport industry,
  • – the online platform for arranging tenders for transport services,
  • TransInkasso – specialised debt collection service for the transport industry,
  • TransRisk – a tool for assessing the risk of transaction with the customer.

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